Sendgrid – The single biggest source of Spam Emails

There has been a massive increase of spam in 2022 and I’m sure those who have email accounts would wonder whether all the spam is coming from. Well, the answer is Sendgrid. Sendgrid is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) source of spam today.

Sendgrid as the name suggests just sends out emails and a lot of it is irrelevant junk mail; I don’t even understand how a company like this could survive; I guess there are a lot of marketing companies prepared to pay spammers for email sending services.

This site contains all of the IP addresses owned by Sendgrid.

For an ISP – you can just block all of the IP addresses owned by Sendgrid and you will see a dramatic reduction of spam. The Twilio Sendgrid IP addresses seem to be worse for sending spam. Twilio SendGrid 16,384 Twilio SendGrid 8,192 Twilio SendGrid 1,024 Twilio SendGrid 1,024 Twilio SendGrid 16,384

So on your firewall you can just block the above IP addresses.

The email headers showing that Sendgrid’s spam footprint:-

When you write to them you just get a standard reply saying that they will investigate and that they can’t disclose any information about this client for privacy reasons…. Sendgrid’s clients are obviously borderline cyber criminals yet Sendgrid wishes to protect their interests instead of shutting them down.

The conclusion is if we all block Sendgrid then the world will see a dramatic reduction in the incidence of spam.