Why is Facebook shares tumbling?

Simple answer is because their customer service support is shit and their ads platform is geared towards individual users rather than for businesses.

Facebook’s ads platform is designed for individual users not businesses. This is why larger businesses are shying away from using it; it is extremely inconvenient and cumbersome to try to use Facebook for a business. You have to click many different things before you can find the ads manager belonging to the business. Secondly, Facebook requires users to have Facebook accounts; this is an absolute no no for marketing personnel working for a company – they absolutely do not want to mix their personal affairs with what they do professionally. Thirdly, not everyone has a Facebook account or want to have one and requiring users to have a Facebook account just adds to the complexity and onboarding overhead.

Facebook declines corporate credit cards so how are businesses supposed to pay for their ads. This a screenshot of my corporate credit card being declined; all of my other cards work except for the corporate one.

The whole platform is a joke.

The customer service is non-existent; outsourced to somewhere like the Philippines where none of the support personnel have any power to do anything. All they do is repeat the same answers and questions over and over again without solving any of the problems. The platform itself for ads is extremely buggy and when things don’t work the monkeys that are sent to deal with you just keep asking for screencasts – after sending to the monkeys the same email 4 times they came back and requested other information completely irrelevant to the case.

Given that Facebook is such a dysfunctional platform, I foresee a further drop in their ads revenue as more and more people sign off the platform. Corporations generally will shy away from engaging Facebook advertising by virtue of platform’s built-in skew towards the individual users. I, for one, have stopped all advertising activities because I just refuse to support anything that is so dysfunctional.

Just tried to contact customer support; they kept saying that it would take them 3-5 minutes to look into the matter and at the end they were useless as I had expected.

More bull shit coming from these monkeys.

A week later, there seems to be a problem and I try to verify the card:-