I hate Whatsapp Web because it’s Unreliable

Whatsapp Desktop and Whatsapp Web are both equally unreliable and it is very frustrating for the end user; none of the other instant messenger (IM) systems seem to have a problem but for Whatsapp this is a struggle.

I really hate it when my phone is connected to the internet – in fact on the same network as my desktop – yet I will be presented with the error message “Phone not connected”. Well; the phone is connected thank you very much and it’s the Whatsapp system that is not working properly. I try to reboot the phone and closing and re-starting Whatsapp Desktop. I unlink and relink the device and it temporarily works and then goes back to “Phone not connected”.

If you are experiencing these problems too; you are not alone… There is no point trying to reach out to Whatsapp because you will never get hold of anyone except bots. It’s quicker for me to type up a blog article than to try to reach support that help me with anything.

Another one of Zuckerberg’s dysfunctional products.