How to delete Siri on Catalina [SOLVED]

I hate Siri! It’s useless and I should be able to completely delete it if I want to.

But Apple is an annoying company that hasn’t done anything innovative since Steve Jobs died and installs a whole load of bloatware with the MAC OS X system that you can’t delete easily.

To delete SIRI – this is what you need to do and requires a little bit of technical knowledge.

(1) Restart your computer

(2) Continually press Command-R together and hold to get into recovery mode

(3) The recovery mode is really slow and sometimes I have to press “Control” and the mouse button to get any response

(4) Finally you can get in and then within the top menu bar – I think it is under “Utilities”

(5) Once you are in it should show you a prompt with -bash-3.2 or something like that

(6) type

cd ‘/Volumes/Macintosh HD/System/Library/LaunchAgents’

If you use a custom volume then replace Macintosh HD with your custom volume’s name.

(7) Type

rm -rf

rm -rf

There is another way to do

csrutil disable

but the above seems to be easier. Good luck; use at your own risk!