Developer disk image for 10.2 (14C89) – Xcode 7.3

April 10th, 2017

Xcode is upgrading so fast it makes my head spin. Before I have found my feet in Swift 2, Swift 3 is already out and is completely different. Can Apple not spend a bit more time thinking about strategy and getting it right rather than rolling things out before they are ready?

Anyways, I found that my iPhone automatically upraded to 10.2.1 (14D27) and now Xcode cannot install onto it and gives the error “Could Not Find Developer Image“. Very Annoying.

There is one way to get around the issue and it is:-

  • Download the ZIP file here for 10.2 (14C89)
  • Open Finder select Applications
  • Right click on Xcode 7.3, select “Show Package Contents”, “Contents”, “Developer”, “Platforms”, “iPhoneOS.Platform”, “Device Support”
  • Paste the 10.2.1 folder