Comparison of Email Marketing Platforms

January 28th, 2016

I recently did some research on email marketing platforms and found a few that are quite interesting and here is what I found:-

Active Campaign (
I think any email marketing system that requires you to write in for a demo should be immediately dismissed as the industry now offers so many choices that are great and also allows you to register and try out for free immediately.

MailChimp (
I like the branding and some of the quirky commentary and dialog with MailChimp; the delivery is also quite good but the post-campaign reporting seems a bit thin and available fonts for the email templates to be a bit limiting.

SendSmith (
I like SendSmith a lot; the branding is cool with these hand-sketched flying machines. The post-campaign reporting is really good and probably the best I have seen yet; there is also a great feature for session tracking that allows you to track what users do on your website after clicking on the EDM and you have to install a script (like Google Analytics) on your website. The other great thing is that their interface is multi-lingual.  I have a Korean client whose English is as bad as my French and they can see everything in Korean which makes life a little easier for them.