[CLI] Adobe InDesign CC 2020 Change Languages (Mac) | Command Line

If your Adobe InDesign CC 2020 came in a particular language like Russian and you want to change it to English then this is the article for you. The Adobe InDesign CC 2020 (or version 15.0.1); if you are installing the Adobe InDesign CC on your Mac running Catalina (10.15) and want to change the default language of InDesign then this is the right article for you.

Unlike Photoshop, Premiere and other Adobe products in the CC 2020 series; changing the base language requires you to go into “terminal” because you cannot achieve the language change through the interface.

For those who are programmers, this would be quite easy but for those who don’t know “terminal” then just follow these steps:-

(1) open “terminal” – which is in > Applications > Utilities
(2) type cd /Applications/Adobe\ InDesign\ 2020/Resources/AMT/ID/AMT/ – if you don’t have this folder then something is probably wrong
(3) type vi application.xml
(4) You should see a the following:-

Adobe indesign CC - change language

in vi – to change some thing click “a” and then once you are done press “Esc” – to save and exit type “:wq”

After this is done and you re-open InDesign CC then you should see it in English.