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Hong Kong’s Best Movers 2019


In a series of in-depth research articles, this is the first of four reviews where I look into businesses in Hong Kong that deserve a special mention. This particular review is for movers in Hong Kong and we have found one called Tradewinds Transport that is on the 6 star list. After a 30-minute interview with the CEO (Steve Dressler) I discovered that they offer these services:-

  • Local Moving
  • Temporary Storage
  • International Relocation
  • Professional Packing Services
  • Dumping of Unwanted Items
  • Expert Packing

I went on Google and found that there many more other happy customers and the following are some of the testimonials from other customers:-

Justine Laprun
I used Trade Winds twice. First time to move all my stuff from central to lamma and second time to pick up some furniture from SF express that SF express had refused to deliver to my house.
Trade winds has provided to me an outstanding service in these 2 occasions. The team is extremely nice and helpful and efficient and they came out of their way to deliver excellent service.
Thanks for all the support, i totally recommend them and will use them in the future.

Moves are never fun and especially not when they are foisted upon you at the eleventh hour. But thanks to Steve and his fantastic team, they turned a daunting experience into a delightful one — accommodating my last-minute request, packing everything very carefully, and managing to move my things into storage as well as to my new apartment over a single day. Easily the best movers I have ever used anywhere.

I have used Trade Winds four times, last this summer. I was always extremely satisfied. The arrangements were communicated promptly and clearly and the removals were done diligently, quickly and without the slightest problem. Thank you very much!

Blake H
Steve, Marie and the team have helped us and my parents move multiple times over the years and have never failed to impress. Great level of care is used to move items and they are nice people to deal with as well. Fast, efficient and reliable. Will certainly use them again.

For more reviews, you can visit:-…1.0..1.237.1577.20j0j1……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i131j0i10.O0fjxmfbO1E&ved=0ahUKEwiIg-jRnonlAhUMS48KHa__AfoQ4dUDCAY&uact=5#lrd=0x3404005bdf155555:0xd9ed60d682ff6842,1,,,

Their Contact details are as follows:-

Tradewinds (since 1991)
“No Job too Small”

Web :
Enquiry Hotline : +852 28052561
Email :
Whatsapp Enquiry:
FB :
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