HK Express App - Scam

The worst airline in the world 2019 : HK Express or (Hong Kong Express)

Having travelled round the world on more than 50 airlines in the last 5 years I can say that without a shadow of doubt the worst one yet is HKExpress or Hong Kong Express. The Hong Kong government should prohibit thugs from China from starting an airline and calling it Hong Kong Express it denigrates the high standards, efficient and friendly nature associated with Hong Kong. This airline is all about making as much money off passengers as possible; its customer service is non-existent and whose only role is to collect money from you. Each customer service staff member has no authority to do anything and all they do is to verify your identity by asking a load of verification questions and then when asked to help sort out a problem they will say that they do not have authority nor can they forward your call to anyone who can help.

I had used it a few times before because I fly the Hong Kong and Danang route frequently and they have a flight that goes in the afternoon which fits my schedule well. Their app is the biggest disaster ever:-

Many of the reviews on there are fake ones written by probably paid reviewers; remember this is how China works; everything is fake. Fake eggs, Fake reviews, Fake communism, Fake beef. Do you know how you can tell when a review is fake? It’s 5 stars with “Excellent App” when in reality each time it upgrades all your information is deleted and you have to start again.

Today at  around 3:00pm (21 November, 2019) I booked my flight through their dysfunctional app and after selecting the correct flight and then clicking on something else then the wrong time was chosen; then I found that my credit cards had been deleted and was so distressed about that I forgot to double check the itinerary properly and after paying found that the wrong time had been booked. I immediately tried to contact customer service through chat service on the app and the only thing the person at the other end could do was to charge me HK$ 580 for changing my itinerary.  I then called and spoke with Vincent Ho who promised that he would get his supervisor to call me back after 15 minutes; Nothing became of that. I called again and spoke to Vincent Ho and he said that he cannot speak to his boss and the only way he can speak to his boss was through email (even though they are in the same office). At around 5:00pm I called again and asked to speak to Vincent Ho again and the person called Jackson Yim said that he was not able to forward calls to anyone. So this is a call centre that doesn’t allow calls to be forwarded? What sort of call centre is this? He repeatedly said that he wanted to confirm my details yet there was no use for him even after he confirmed my details. He couldn’t change my flight, he couldn’t do anything; all he could do was collect HK$ 580 off me.

I told my friend about this and he said that he had booked a flight on HK Express before which was then cancelled in the last minute because not enough passengers had booked the same flight. He was stranded in the airport for 24 days. Such is the ethics of businesses operated by mainland Chinese people.

My advise is stay away from HK Express. Here’s my itinerary:-

HK Express App - Scam
HK Express App – Scam