Cool Cloud-Based Platforms of 2019

There are so many great technologies that are all cloud-based that help with our daily lives. Project Management systems like Freedcamp, Source code management systems like Gitlab; even printing can be managed through cloud-based means with Star ( It is staggering how quickly technology has evolved over the years.

There are also a number of directories nowadays like Flognaw that help people find what they are looking for and arguably they are better than Google which just crawls pages and pages of content and in recent years have been returning less and less relevant content.

We also found another system called Diigo that helps people bookmark sites of interest, this is one I found quite interesting about Properties on Scoop.It

There is also a really interesting Restaurant / Food Court App that allows you to order your favourite foods through it called FoodyPocket

I will keep you posted on other great technologies and platforms that are relevant for 2019.