Skype on Mac 10.8

Skype has stopped to work on Mac 10.8 as of today. WTF?

I upgraded my Mac from 10.8 to 10.11 a year ago and found it un-usable. The interface was not user-friendly at all. None of the window buttons made sense; the whole interface was just crap. So I downgraded again.

Now Skype is not working; I guess I’ll have to get everyone in my company to move to What’s app or LINE for communication.

The latest supported version on Mac 10.8 is Skype 6.1.5 which no longer works. Anyways, as soon as Microsoft takes something over it gets shit. So Welcome to the world of Microsoft. Of course, when you try to upload the latest version, it gives you exactly the same version that you already have.

Here is the smaller version of the blue screen of death that I get:-

Fuck Microsoft
Fuck Microsoft