Gitlab vs Github

For the development community, the competition has been neck and neck between and seems to be leading slightly in the race with its new branch commit features and project management boards that are so much easier to use than the virtually-dysfunctional project management offered by Atlassian. My project manager keeps telling me to use Atlassian but after having tried to upload an image and got 5 consequence upload errors I gave up; uploading an image should work with any professional cloud service and instead the connection got cut off half way through on all 5 occasions. This has never happened with any other platform that is has been fully tested. also has the added disadvantage of having just been taken over by Microsoft which is usually considered in the tech sector as the “kiss of death” – it’s happened to Skype, hotmail, operating systems, mobile phone companies, etc. Moreover, Microsoft is not a trusted company in the space; the blue screen of death still haunts developers and the Windows Server system and MsSQL products are so unreliable I don’t know why they still exist. So we are seeing a mass migration of developers and projects from Github to gitlab.

Here are just a few examples of profiles that are migrating from to

Only time will tell but right now gitlab seems to have an edge over github.