eBay Customer Service is Crap

I had the misfortune of spending 45 minutes with a Philippino call centre personnel for eBay and the experience was arguably the worst customer service I had ever experienced in my life.

My customer Ref number was 1-1 29479787970 at 1:23 am (GMT+8) – 20 september 2017. John the supervisor could not stop talking; he was like a robot and could not answer simple binary questions. He told me what my options were and he failed to mention that I can call the police and report the incident that I experienced on eBay as fraud and that pressing “continue” was not legally binding.

eBay’s checkout system doesn’t work; the whole user experience is screwed. I tried to buy something and it keeps asking me to fill in my address details and they always end up wrong.

Anyways, eBay is a crap platform and the customer care people are craptoo.  I will never use it again!

They have made not just an average person very unhappy they have made an enemy for life. At least for the rest of my life!

So screw EBAY!