Review on Bayview Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand

I had the misfortune of staying at the Bayview Hotel this weekend and the experience was terrible. The Internet connection was down half the time and none of the staff were able to help me deal with the problem. It keps breaking up and I couldn’t call home with Skype because the connection was so bad.

The pools close at 7pm and they don’t allow people to swim after that; it’s not because they are afraid of any liabilities of you drowning in the middle of night because even during the day there are no lifeguards hanging around.

The staff are not particularly helpful and after ordering a pineapple juice from one of the staff, instead of them bringing the juice to me, they tried to get me to go to the restaurant to get it… I’m on holiday and paying hotel prices so I deserve a little service.

Thanks to the hotel, I also missed my bus back to Bangkok airport; I told the lady at the desk that I was in a rush and wanted to get checked out soonest; it took her 15 minutes even though I was the only person there. She told me that I had left a charger in the room and got me to go my room instead of getting one of the housekeeping staff to bring it down and it wasn’t my charger it was the hotel’s wifi terminal that they lent me to try to improve the internet speeds. I asked the porter at the hotel entrance to get me a taxi; he told me to go inside to order one – why didn’t he go inside and order me a cab? There were 12 people at the hotel milling around – not one was doing anything.

Overall review of this hotel is crap. Don’t bother.